Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars.
— Nadia Comaneci

Is your child keen to be a gymnast? Do they just want to try a weekly class, or do they want to train regularly and compete? Take this all into account when choosing a class, as it may mean considering a location that is further away.

Gymnastics clubs vary, but usually classes are grouped by age, and as your child progresses in the sport, she/he will later be grouped by ability level.

First, find a local gymnastics club in your area. Clubs that are members of Gymnastics WA, the state governing body for the sport, have to meet minimum requirements for liability insurance and coaching expertise and must pledge to follow Gymnastic Australia’s Code of Ethics.

You will probably want to pick a few gymnastics clubs in your area and go in for a visit. Gyms vary significantly in the facilities they have. Some are enormous buildings with all sorts of equipment and mats, while others are much smaller. Beginner gymnasts often have a lot of fun on some of the "extra" equipment such as climbing structures, foam pits, and trampolines. Visiting a few gyms may help you decide what's important to you and your child.

If you like the venue, enquire about a trial gymnastics session (you can usually organise one for little or no charge). If you child still loves the idea after a class, go ahead and enquire about the full term.

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