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Launchpad is Gymnastics Australia’s junior recreational gymnastics program.

Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Fundamentals

LaunchPad programs are all about teaching children the fundamental movement skills they need to lead an active and healthy life full of sport and recreation. Designed to give children the opportunity to practise, develop and enjoy moving through a wide-range of activities, LaunchPad programs will help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.

LaunchPad programs rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants relative to their abilities and stage of development.

LaunchPad hasn't been created with the intention of developing future Olympic gymnasts.  Sure, there may be a few kids doing LaunchPad programs who have the necessary skills, natural talent and determination to take the path to Olympic glory, but what about the future AFL rovers, the Diamond’s Goal Attacks or the future Wallabies players?  How about the thousands of kids who may just want to lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle as adults?  It's really important that all children learn how to manage their bodies and what better way to do it than through fun movement activities!

The LaunchPad initiative involves three developmental stage appropriate, programs:


0 - 5 years old 


5 - 8 years old


8 - 12 years old