I’m Jake,

I love to be outdoors enjoying everything WA has to offer. Thanks to Mens Artistic Gymnastics I have the strength, co-ordination and agility to be the best fielder in my cricket team. By doing a second Gymsport, Trampoline Gymnastics, it helps me be able to take some breathtaking catches. My balance has improved so much that my friends are amazed by some of the moves I can land on my surfboard.


I’m Emma,

and thanks to Women’s Artistic Gymnastics I have made so many friends as it has helped me build my self-confidence. My friends and I love to be active and play tennis on the weekend. We even started our own netball team. I also do Acrobatic Gymnastics which has taught me how to work in a team. When not in the gym I love to just hang out and relax, go to the movies and have sleepovers.

Hi, my name is Matt

I have been doing Men’s Artistic Gymnastics for a few years. When I am not in the gym I am playing soccer with my friends and thanks to gymnastics my agility is now a lot better so I can dribble past defenders and be the next Messi. Gymnastics also helps when I am doing athletics as it develops the speed and strength I need to be the best I can be.

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Nice to meet you,

I’m Maddie. I love Aerobics Gymnastics and have been doing it for 2 years. Aerobics is very fast paced, intense, fun and keeps me on the move. Aerobics is good for my agility and co-ordination which helps a lot when I am skateboarding with my friends. I also enjoy playing AFL in the winter and having a kick with my friends. Gymnastics helps me when I play AFL as I am now quicker around the goal square so I can kick a lot of goals for my team.


Hey! I’m Aiden,

I love doing trampoline gymnastics as I get to jump on trampolines at my local club and learn lots of new moves.On the weekends I like to play basketball and go swimming. I find that learning awesome trampoline skills helps me on the basketball court when trying to dunk the ball. Gymnastics has given me strong legs which makes me a really fast swimmer.


Hi everyone! Ava here,

I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for almost two and a half years, it has been hard work but it is so much fun! Rhythmic Gymnastics has taught me so many skills which helps when I play other sports such as horse-riding and tennis. Rhythmic has helped me become more flexible and has improved my hand eye co-ordination skills which is perfect for tennis. Posture is extremely important in horse-riding and gymnastics is great for that too.

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