Gymnastics WA is excited to announce a partnership with Foodbank WA, to encourage young Australian's to eat healthy and get excited about food. Each Gym Squad member has paired up with a Superhero Food to create a recipe, which is easy to follow, delicious and healthy, encouraging parents and children to spend quality time in the kitchen. 

Let's introduce the gang:

  • Aiden and his Superhero friend Masher Man!

  • Matt and his Superhero friend Mean Green!

  • Ava and her Superhero friend Saucy Lady!

  • Jake and his Superhero friend Super Fruity!

  • Maddie and her Superhero friend Atomic Apple!

  • Emma and her Superhero friend The Dicer!

Are you a Superhero? Cook with the Gymsquad and have the chance to win a super power apron!

  1. Collect the Gymsquad's favourite Superhero recipes from your Gymnastics WA club or click the images below. 

  2. Cook (and eat!) the recipe - don't forget to take a photo first

  3. Post your photo to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #superhero #gymsquad and tag @gymwa for your change to win. Make sure you set the post to public. 

Click the characters below to download the recipes!