Eva Kierath ('Evie')

How old were you when you first started gymnastics? 

I started gymnastics when I was two in Kindygym.

What is your favourite part about doing gymnastics?

I get to jump on trampolines every day! 

What Gymsport do you do?

I compete in individual and synchronised trampoline.

How long have you done gymnastics for?

I have been doing trampoline for about 9 years. 

What are your gymnastics aspirations?

To compete in the Olympic Games. 

What have you found the most challenging about doing gymnastics?

Transferring my ability in training to performing in competition environments. 

What was it like at your first International Event?

The memory that sticks out most from my first International Competition in Japan was that the gym smelt like horses...

Who was your gymnastics idol growing up? 

Allana Slater

What is your biggest accomplishment in gymnastics?

Winning the World Age Group Championship in 2011

One question you get asked too often?

"So do you do flips and stuff?"